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Creating Best Selling Authors
Thanks to Tricia I am a 3 time best selling Author which supports my work in youth counseling as well as my professional speaking. It is always an honor to do book signings after my speaking events and show the credibility behind it. Being a best selling Author continues to open doors in work and in my ministry.
Edward Reed
Edward Reed
Lydia Gates
I saw Tricia's book on Resilience and her teen son had written a chapter on bullying. I reached out to Tricia and shared my private journal. She offered to scholarship me in to the 'Stepping Into Courage' book. In the 10th grade I became a Best Selling Author and can show that on college applications. What is even more powerful is the ministry of sharing how Jesus helped me with my cutting and self esteem. I was featured in the paper and I have been able to speak to other young women. My story and God's impact on my life has reached so many it's hard to comprehend sometimes. I have had many reach out to me for prayer and help that I could have never done on my own.
Lydia Gates
I had self published prior to Tricia and the CLPLI team but it didn't reach any best seller list. In 2017 I was able to add Best Selling Author to my credentials with my John Maxwell Certification and DISC training.
Carlos Vargas

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