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The Story Behind God's Calling
Tricia Andreassen

Many have asked Tricia Andreassen how her publishing company got started and her simple answer: God.

"I owned a 7 figure branding, marketing, web development, social media and business strategy company for almost 15 years that serviced predominantly the real estate industry. No longer being able to ignore God telling me to 'Rise Up' to the calling on my life to help others find their voice, create their story and use my prophetic gifts He had instilled in me, I knew it was time to sell my company. During this unlocking and God working in me, repressed memories and questions of my childhood came to the surface. The more I began to seek God for my next chapter on my life the more He was working in all parts of me. During that time I had a best selling business and marketing book with a publisher. The publisher retired and reached out telling me that we needed to set up the files with another avenue. During this season I was going through massive fatigue, anxiety and depression with all I was being faced with. I was also struggling in what God wanted me to accomplish while fighting all the pain and the desire some days to stay in bed. Little did I realize, but my husband (CFO) handled some business decisions so I could focus on what the next chapter held. Six months later over Christmas I was praying and I felt God tell me to write a book on Resilience and to gather Authors for a compilation book. When I mentioned it to my husband saying ’I need to find a publisher,’ he looked back at me and said, 'Tricia you own a publishing company. I set all the infrastructure up when your publisher retired.’ I knew at that moment God directed this part of my ministry. Little did I know in that moment that God was gathering a movement of Unstoppable Warriors that would write together, publish separately and teach many to bring hope, life skills and more Globally. We now have Authors in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Korea, as well as others from all around the globe. Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute is a publishing house focused on bringing God's Word and hope through all forms of communication. We are a family of Unstoppable Warriors of Christ.”



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